Nov 12th New Service Level Agreement

We have just posted our new Service Level Agreement ("SLA") policy. Please read it and if you have question please open a support ticket with your question. A list of all our policies can be found here. BORGNET dot NET Internet Hosting "Hosting For The Little Guy" Terms of Service Contact info @ Contact Us Read More... »

Nov 4th IANA Free Pool Down to 12, Are You Ready for IPv6?

As of October 2010 the IANA has allocated 36/8 and 42/8 to APNIC, leaving only 12 /8s left in the IPv4 free pool. So far the following /8s have been allocated to various registries throughout 2010: 1/814/827/831/836/842/849/850/8101/8107/8176/8177/8181/8223/8 If this same rate of registry allocations continues, the IPv4 free pool will be ... Read More... »