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Free GeopIP location script/addon

This mod/addon is simple.

It simply shows the location of the user visiting your website.

This isn't really for fraud protection and it doesn't store any info but I do use it on my main page and on my checkout page to discourage people that want to steal my services.

When they see you can tell where they are located or close to it they tend to leave. I also use apache mod-defensible that can prevent access if they are listed on any proxy/tor rbl.

Those 2 things have reduced my fraud signups to 0% now.

The info is pulled via API from so there is no database to install. It's just 1 file and the include line above and it uses country flags which is include.

The unformated script can be seen here.

To install it read the readme.txt file in the zip.

You will need to register at to get your API key to use this addon.

Filesize: 182 kB
Parked Domain style
After download upload it to your Virtualmin styles.

System Customization -> Content Styles

Add new global variable

System Customization -> Global Variables

Add variable COMPANY_NAME
Filesize: 14.5 kB
Usermin Roundcude Read Mail link
This is a replacement for Usermin "Read Mail" link to use RoundCube instead.

To install upload using the usermin configuration and edit the allow modules for users.
Webmin -> Usermin Configuration -> Usermin Modules
Webmin -> Usermin Configuration -> Usermin Module Configuration -> Read emails (RoundCube)
Filesize: 1018 B
Force TOS

Current version is 3.4

What this module does is force your clients to agree to the new Terms or Service or they are denied access to there account.

It's pretty simple but effective as many sites now require you to agree to new terms or face having your account disabled and services terminated.

There is no owned license and upgrades will always be free.

If you have more then one TOS in different locations you can use a iframe tag in the tos.tpl

Please read the install.txt to install it and to upgrade read the upgrade.txt

Edit your htaccess file and add the following to force non-ssl connection for the tos accept url.
  This is only used IF you use ssl on your site. If you don't then you can ignore this.

        RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 443
        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} tos.php
        RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://YOUR-WHMCS-URL/$1 [R,L]

NOTE !! Any update notices will be sent via your current email address with us and the addon will also notify you of a new version when you visit the TOS addon update page.

Filesize: 33.7 kB
Force TOS development version

Force TOS development version - This version allows you to add more info to the database and edit the admin side to show that new info.

To install read the Install.txt and to upgrade read the upgrade.txt

Filesize: 29.1 kB