Server Support

Supported distro's are **:

100% Complete

Contract Terms 1 year minimum. Contract is renewed automatically unless cancelled prior to 1 year anniversary.

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Paid via credit card or from a Verified PayPal account. Applies to 1 server, if you have more then 1 server a discount can be negotiated.

** Fedora Core(FC) and any BSD flavour is not supported.

100% Complete

What isn't included

100% Complete
  • Extensive program installs EG VoIP or SMS software(Billed at $100/hr rate)
  • 100% Complete

    Pricing specials

    100% Complete
  • Pay 12 months save $500 (That's 2 months free !)
  • 0% Complete

    • Debian 7.0 or higher

    • RHEL 6+ or higher

    • CentOS 6+ or higher

    You get package upgrade support, user account issues, mail issues(incoming not sent), source program installs(excluding extensive ones like VoIP), VM Pro and GPL support if you have them installed, database support.

    • Website coding

    • Website hacking(Billed at $80/hr rate)

    • Pay 3 months save $50

    • Pay 6 month save $150

    General Server Support Price $ 250.00/mo Order Now

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